Online gambling is one of the most successful business in casino industry. As an online casino operator, there are numerous factors to consider before selecting a casino software. For instance, the software should be able to remain stable when there is a huge volume from players, it should support a huge variety of platforms and it should require less maintenance. The less the frequency of maintenance, the more the resources can be invested in casino marketing hence more income for you.

Over the years, online casino industry has evolved technology-wise and there are many software providers for the games. Microgaming software is the oldest in this industry and is followed by PlayTech. Even though they are the best software providers in gambling industry, there are some few things which are considered while rating casino software:

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Total Customization
Regulatory Framework Ready
Player Lifecycle Management + Loyalty Program
Huge Supplies of Casino Games & Content
Single Wallet System / Single Platform Solution
Compatibility with other Systems

Software Customization

The best online casino software will allow players to fully customize their games to suit their preferences. Online gambling software operators such as Microgaming will give players the privilege of removing the sounds or the visual effects when playing the games. This increases the pace of hands when gambling for real money hence the players makes more money within a short period of time. In other casino games such as slots, some software have the auto-bet system which will automatically place another bet once the current hand is over. This feature enables players to play many games simultaneously hence making a maximum profit.

Built-in regulatory framework

Malta is one of the most reputed online casino licensors. It came up with a regulatory framework which caters for all varieties of remote gaming. This includes the types of online casino games, sports betting, poker, bingo and lotteries. In addition, the regulatory framework ensures that all the games are licensed. If an online casino software comes with a built-in regulatory framework, you will enjoy the best games for real money without the worry of losing your money. In addition, the games hosted will be fair at all times.

Loyalty built-in Feature

This refers to the incentives available for players gambling with real money. The best casino software will come with an all in one life-cycle management’ feature which will enable you keep tract of the bonuses and promotions. Most online gambling sites will grant players various bonuses as a sign of gratitude. For instance, a player might receive a cash-back bonus once or twice depending on how frequently he/she has place bets. The high roller incentives will be granted for players who place high value bets. There are also loyalty points which can be redeemed for real money. For instance, an online casino might be granting 1 point for every $10 spent on slots and 2 points for each $10 spent on roulette.

The management feature will also assist players in keeping track of how they are spending their money. Moreover, if you have any un-cleared wagering requirements, this is the best feature to guide you.

The availability of Casino Content

This is a very important factor to consider if you wish to win millions of players from gambling industry. The best casino software will always have a wide variety of games, patches, latest design models and a notification system for updates.

There are a wide variety of online casino games and the most popular are slots, roulette, blackjack, poker and bingo. A good casino software should come with the variants of these games. For instance, the blackjack games may come either as Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch or the Double Exposure blackjack. Spanish 21 is the most popular since a player will automatically win if he/she hits a 21. On the other hand, blackjack switch gives players the option of switching their cards before hitting. These variants are some of the things that make a casino software the best. Looking at poker games, you might find that a casino software only supports the single table tournaments while others will cater for the multi-table tournaments. A good software should offer support for a wide variety of games.

When it comes to design, a good casino software comes in 2D and 3D designs. In addition, the design used at an online casino software should be up to date with the current technology. If there are updates for the software, they should be downloaded automatically and installed. In addition, there should be patches available to cater for systems which cannot support the software or to improve the stability of the software. It can be frustrating when you are playing casino games for real money and the software keeps crashing.

The wallet system

This simply refers to method of payment you wish to use in your software. First, the software should have a good security system to ensure that your money is always safe. For instance, Microgaming software has a digital 128 SSL encryption technology which protects you from hackers. Secondly, the software should support a wide variety of currency or at least the most popular ones such as Euro, USD or Pounds. In some cases, a player might consider conversion of currency but there is always a foreign exchange fee. Even though the fee is small, with time that money might have won you a few rounds in the slots games. Lastly, a good casino software should offer trusted means of making payments to players. The time taken to process winnings should be short.

Compatibility with other systems

This includes mobile phones and Mac OS. Most of the casino software are not compatible with Mac and Linux OS. Therefore, a good software should be able to run on such systems. Otherwise, it should give players the option of playing games via Instant play option. Since smartphones are going viral, a good casino software should be compatible on mobile phones. This gives players the chance to enjoy casino games from any location as long as they have internet connection.